Issue One

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In our opening issue of Watershed, we would like to evaluate where we are with regards to human progress. There is no denying we live in a time of remarkable achievement; technological prowess and major commitments towards eradicating poverty, disease and achieving sustainability. Yet of course, things are not so simple; the steps we are taking away from the unsustainable path we have set ourselves may very well not be enough. Inequality is growing, geopolitics is more abstract and complex than ever and politics is in danger of becoming a theatre of the absurd, a strange entertainment of “populists” vs “elites”.


We are looking for proposals for articles which take a measured and non-partisan analysis from a multitude of perspectives. The following categories are not rigid - they are merely ideas of how we can structure the content of the publication.


Exposing - Writers go out and research specific parties, institutions or systems that are fuelling our unsustainable model and/or negatively contributing to wellbeing. Whether this is a company acting unethically, a public body committing injustice, a cover-up by a respected institution or media outlet.


Exploring - Writers examine and present a case study of another society or element of it that works in a way different to ours, and that the writer believes we could learn from. This could be historical or current. Or even an element of our own society that is working well, and why.


Understanding - An attempt at explanation. Writers take an institution or process and break it down to its most digestible, before examining its consequences. This could range from explaining the intricacies of systems such as Universal Credit to a simplistic breakdown of the EU Common Agricultural Policy. Other attempts in this category could delve into the psychological or philosophical, theorising on why and how society behaves in the way it does.


Rethinking - In light of the first three categories, over time we will want to imagine realistic alternatives and present them. Clearly this is a tall order, but a space to openly theorise about the future would be of great value to the writers. It could be done in a number of ways; ranging from one micro change that could well be implemented to fiction about how a nigh on unimaginable society might function. “What if” can be a powerful prefix.


We invite writers to submit proposals for this brief from today. The deadline for proposals is the 10th July 2019. Please send back a notice of interest as soon as possible if would like to submit a proposal to We will be publishing a maximum of ten articles for the first issue.


We look forward to hearing from you. For proposal and article format, please see the submissions page.