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A disturbing proportion of society’s infrastructure is deeply unsustainable. We know it, acknowledge it, discuss it and live it. There is evidence of this in nearly every walk of life, ranging from matters of individual wellbeing to our impact as a species on the planet. Yet, we live in an era of global economic growth, rapid technological improvement and the persistent assurance that "things have never been so good”. Life expectancy, human rights and general standards of living have all experienced dramatic improvement in the Western world; trends that makes arguing for alternatives a challenging prospect.


This means a need to explain how our society functions in detail; to attempt an understanding of what has become a complex web of socio-economic, political and planetary interactions; to assess our society's achievements, its failures, and to speculate on what a future could look like.  

It is our mission to provide a platform for challenging, provocative ideas that reframe our concept of development. It is inadequate to blindly accept the given course of progress, and so we invite writers to join our community, formulate new ideas and envisage alternate futures.  


Issue 1 // We are now seeking submissions for our first issue:

We're looking for writers from all backgrounds to respond to the first issue's theme. Please see the submissions page or contact the editors for more information.

"Things have never been so good"
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